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‘Beautiful Bellatrix’ is an Orchestral Work inspired by Bellatrix the Amazon Star, The Star for Women.
It’s a Celebration of the Beauty, Sensitivity and Strength of the Feminine Spirit and dedicated to Women in Activism.
The recording is performed by the Prague Chamber Orchestra, and Conducted by the Composer.


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The Beautiful Bellatrix Music-Card Features Front-Cover Art that captures the Enigmatic Beauty and
Mystery of the Feminine Spirit and is the Iconic Image for The Bellatrix-Project

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 ‘The Beautiful Ones’

Celebrating Some Very KOOL Women Who Believe in Better
Whose Courage, Leadership and Determination are an Inspiration


 The Bellatrix-Project

A KLASSIC-KOOL Music initiative Celebrating the Feminine Spirit and
Supporting the incredible women leading the way on some of the most important issues of our time.
The Bellatrix-Project Celebrates and Supports these KOOL Activists, through a variety of  KOOL Actions.