Version 2

Hey, I’m René

Founder of KLASSIC-KOOL Music, an inspirational new music company doing exciting, creative things to celebrate and support front-line activists.

I’m a Composer and Music Activist.

And by combining the two, my music is now being used
as a force for good, a medium for change and a voice
for a movement.

How ?

By encouraging and inspiring music makers and music fans like you to get involved in activism through music while celebrating and supporting world-leading activists.

That’s why I’m starting an Activist Music Movement.

So, join me, and let’s make the world a better place,
one tune at a time.

Why an Activist Music Movement ?

Because music moves people in a direct and powerful way.
It stirs your emotions, lifts your spirits and speaks to your soul.
And music makers can channel this powerful voice as a force for good.
Whether you’re a professional musician, play for pleasure,
or sing in the shower, our planet needs a musical voice for:
  • Social Justice,
  • Human Rights,
  • Animal Welfare,
  • Climate Change,
  • Wildlife Preservation,
  • Environmental Protection
If you have a passion for music and care about making things better
now is the time to stand up for what you believe in and make a difference.

A KOOL Music Movement for a KOOL Planet

The KOOL Music Movement is for music makers of all ages and abilities.
It’s music you can play at home or for your family and friends.
Music you can play on a street corner, in a subway, park or cafe.
Playing KOOL Music supports activism through direct KOOL Action.

A grass-roots live music movement for good.

Let’s change the world and make it better, one tune at a time.
And that happens through KOOL Music Projects and KOOL Actions.

What are KOOL Actions ?

KOOL Actions take place inside KOOL Music Projects, like The Bellatrix Project,
which celebrates and supports front-line KOOL Women Activists.

If you care about making things better and standing up for what you believe in,
KOOL Actions will help you make a difference by inspiring others around you. 
KOOL Actions include:
KOOL Actions
  • Emailing Friends
  • Retweeting Messages
  • Embedding  Videos
  • Writing Reviews
  • Wearing the T-Shirt
KOOL Music Actions
  • Playing KOOL Music
  • Uploading Performances
  • Downloading Sheet Music
  • Organising Gigs
  • Wearing the T-Shirt
Once you complete your KOOL Actions, you log them on an Actions Form.
This is then displayed on our Actions Board to inspire others to do the same.

So, are you ready to start ?

If so,  Action #1 – The Beautiful Ones  is the first KOOL Action you can take to join The KOOL Crowd.

Support KOOL Activists

Let’s Make The World a Better Place