KLASSIC-KOOL Music and Beyond


Welcome to my Unique Corner of the World.

I am a Composer, Music Activist, Founder of KLASSIC-KOOL and creator of the Virtual-Single.

I write music in support of Activist Causes and create music stories to inspire, motivate and educate. I’ve created a new music format,
The Virtual-Single, to showcase my work and my goal is to help express and articulate the hopes and dreams of a new generation who will shape
our future.

I am on a mission to Make the World Better,
One Tune at a Time, and I want to mobilise a Community of Supporters of my music to join me in my fight for a better, fairer, and more sustainable world, by adding a distinctive musical voice to the important Causes of today, the Environment, Human Rights, Wildlife Conservation, just to name a few.

We need new ideas, new thinking, and new collaborations and we need them fast.
Whether you’re a ‘Mover and Shaker’ or a Dreamer of Dreams’ no matter who you are your planet needs you, and it needs you now. If you share my concerns about the future, my passion for beautiful music, and my desire to make a difference, then I invite you to join me and my
KLASSIC KOOL Community of Supporters, and Make the World Better, One Tune at a Time.

I have created an exciting and dynamic new music format, the Virtual-Single, as my weapon of choice, to express my creative freedom, to control my own music and to support the causes I believe in. All future releases of my music will exclusively be in the new format and I have removed all my music from all digital suppliers. My Virtual-Single is a direct, hard-wired line from me to you, from Creator to Supporter.

I have designed the Virtual-Single to make my music freely available to everyone everywhere. Beautiful Music, like the sunshine, should be naturally enjoyed be all people any time. Beauty is the tonic to help rebalance our stressful lives.

With the Virtual-Single there is an accompanying Music Card, which is the physical Collectable Version of the Virtual-Single. It has a unique code which you can use to download the mp3 of the music for your personal use. Inside the Music-Card there is one empty page which can be used for a message. This makes the Music-Card multi purpose, not only as a keep-sake but also as a Gift-Greeting Card.

I have also included in the format a built in charitable connection, the ‘Kool to Care’ Initiative which will be funded by proceeds from the Shop. All future KLASSIC-KOOL Music Virtual-Singles will support an Associated Charitable Cause, because in the words of my KLASSIC-KOOL Code
‘Greed is a Weed’, ‘We is the Key’, ’Love is Above’, and it’s ‘Kool to Care’

And most importantly I have designed the Virtual-Single to be fully portable and resizable so that it can be easily shared by anyone anywhere and I invite you to feature my Virtual Single on your website to lift, inspire and move people through the grace, beauty and power
of KLASSIC-KOOL Music and Make the World Better, One Tune at a Time.

I am artistically driven, passionately creative and fiercely independent, and believe in the power of Beauty, Creativity and Artistry to shape and balance our world.  However, we are now confronted with a worryingly unbalanced world, and urgent action is needed. I believe re-balance is the key to a more sustainable, more fair, and meaningful future. 

Balance is the cornerstone of everything I do, and I have designed a clear and simple set of principles that guide me through the complex issues littering the landscape.  I call these principles the KLASSIC-KOOL Code; ‘Kool is the Rule’, ‘Code is the Road’, ‘Street is the Beat’,
‘Real is the Deal’, ’Greed is a Weed’, ’We is the Key’ ‘Soul is the Goal’…