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I Create Beautiful Inspiring Music. 

I’m a Composer, a Music Activist, the Creator of the Virtual-Single and the Founder of KLASSIC-KOOL Music, and I’m on a mission – To Make the World Better, One Tune at a Time.

I write music in support of Activist Causes, and I create music-stories to move, inspire and motivate people. I’ve created a dynamic new music format – The Virtual-Single, to showcase my work and help fund and promote the Activist Causes I believe in. My artistic aim is to help express and articulate the important messages Activist Causes stand for, through my Music and
through my work.

We-is-the-Key. We need new thinking, new interactions and new dynamics. Whether you’re a ‘Mover and Shaker’ or a ‘Dreamer of Dreams’ I invite you to join me on a life journey of change To Make the World Better One Tune at a Time.