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KLASSIC-KOOL Music and Beyond

I Create KLASSIC-KOOL Music. I am a Composer, a Music Activist and Founder of KLASSIC-KOOL Music. I’m creating a new type of Music-Company, one that’s different and one that’s special. A KOOL Music-Company on a mission, To Make the World Better, One KOOL Tune at a Time. We give a percentage of our profits to Activist Causes and we also Celebrate and Support Activists directly through our KOOL Music-Projects.

KLASSIC-KOOL is first about music, Beautiful Music. Music that sounds good, feels good and does you good. Music that moves your emotions, lifts your spirits and speaks to your soul. KLASSIC-KOOL Music aims to touch people. The sound is acoustic, the beat is strong, the style is KLASSIC and the Vibe is KOOL, Art for the Heart where Soul is the Goal.

KLASSIC-KOOL is also about People and Planet and we put ‘care’ at the heart of our operation. Yes we Care. It’s KOOL to Care. We’re KOOL because We Care.
We’re a young company, Artistically Driven, Passionately Creative and Fiercely Independent.  We are creating Exciting Projects and KOOL Products.
We are Forward Looking and Hungry for Action. We put ‘art’ before business and ‘good’ before profit and we are determined to inspire people to make a difference and to Make the World Better One KOOL Tune at a Time.