About Original


KLASSIC-KOOL Music and Beyond


I Create Beautiful Inspiring Music. 

I’m a Composer, a Music Activist, the Creator
of the Virtual-Single and the Founder of
KLASSIC-KOOL Music, and I’m on a mission –
To Make the World Better, One Tune at a Time.

I write music in support of Activist Causes, and
I create music-stories to move, inspire and motivate people. I’ve created a dynamic new music format – The Virtual-Single, to showcase my work and help fund and promote the Activist Causes I believe in. My artistic aim is to help
express and articulate the important messages Activist Causes stand for, through my Music and
through my work.

We-is-the-Key. We need new thinking, new interactions and new dynamics. Whether you’re a ‘Mover and Shaker’ or a ‘Dreamer of Dreams’
I invite you to join me on a life journey of change To Make the World Better One Tune at a Time.

I’ve established KLASSIC-KOOL as my creative brand and placed a clear set of principles,
The KOOL Code at the centre of its narrative.

KLASSIC-KOOL is about inter-connectivity.
Collaborating, Co-ordinating and Co-operating between Activists for the common Good of All. We-is-the-Key.

My vision for the brand is to frame the narrative in a KOOL new Activist Style, and to create exciting new works that connect with and encourage new audiences.

The KOOL Code is clear set of principles, which aims to articulate the universal message of
My Activism in a simple and creative way.

Code is the Road

Kool is the Rule

Man is the Plan

Soul is the Goal

Street is the Beat

Klassic is the Code

Real is the Deal

We is the Key


Feel to Heal

Kneel to Feel

Listen to Hear

Believe to Achieve

Perspire to Inspire

Innovate to Invigorate

Respect to Connect

Create to Elevate

Share To Care


Art for the Heart

Creativity not Vanity

Inspiration not Sensation

Originality not Conformity

Innovation not Provocation

Communication not Irritation

Independence not Dependence

Humility not Arrogance

Instinct not Intellect

Man not Machine

Art not Business

Beauty not Ugly


Health not Wealth

Local Not Global

Balance not Progress

Inclusion not Exclusion

Conservation not Exploitation

Regeneration not Devastation

Innovation not Stagnation

Moderation not Greed

(Greed is a Weed)

Vision not Blindness

Giving not Taking

Courage not Fear

Need not Speed

Us not Them

We not Me

I call myself a Music Activist. It simply means,
I want to use my musical gift to make the world better. I want to put my music in the service of helping Important Causes.

As a KLASSIC-KOOL Music Activist my goal is to bring together a passionate Creative Community of Fellow Music Activists, to Collaborate, Co-ordinate and Co-operate on KLASSIC-KOOL Music Projects for the common good, and success of all.

The first step to being an Activist is to Care.
The second is to Act.

The KLASSIC-KOOL Virtual-Single is a dynamic new music format I’ve created to showcase
my work, and support the Causes I believe in.

The Virtual-Single is based on a single piece of music around a story-line theme dedicated to Activist Causes associated with that theme.

The Virtual-Single is made up of three parts,
The Player, The Music-Card and The Website.
The Player is an expansive inter-active music-player, designed to engage, inform & entertain; The Music-Card is a physical collectible of the music, which helps fund the Causes associated with the Single and includes a download code for the mp3; The Website is a dedicated place for all activities related to the single such as concerts, products, promotions and projects.

I have created the KLASSIC-KOOL Virtual-Single for a new generation of music fans.  It is freely available for everyone everywhere and comes with built-in support for the Causes fans care about, and built-in portability to easily share.
I also designed it for Activist partners to easily brand their Cause alongside KLASSIC-KOOL and be funded through an associate program.

As a composer I have decided to allocate a portion of the income from some of my music-works, to support Activists and Causes associated with the theme of those works. I call these special music-works, Activist Music-Works.
 A work whose income supports The Causes associated with that work.
For example, my orchestral piece Beautiful Bellatrix is a work Dedicated to ‘Women in Activism’ and supports Activists and Causes associated with ‘Women in Activism.’

The Income from the Music-Work includes royalties from Publishing, Recording, Concerts and Merchandise and will be be ongoing and long term. I am committed to the ongoing promotion and funding of the Causes Associated with my Activist-Music, in perpetuity.

A KLASSIC-KOOL Music-Project is a stand alone initiative combining Music and Activism around
a specific theme. It Celebrates and Supports Activists and Causes, associated with the theme, through Promotional Videos, Fund Raising Events and Products for Sale.